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GLH, LLC founder, Karl Gorman established the Black Future Foundation. The foundation was started in 2020 by Karl and his wife, it aims to support the Black leaders of tomorrow by providing college scholarships and financial literacy to kids throughout the US. Karl also sits on the board of Options For All a 501 C3 Nonprofit geared towards improving the lives of individuals with disabilities. To learn more about the foundations we partner with click on their links below. We urge you to consider donating to either of their worthwhile causes. 



The Black Future Foundation was established in 2020 and focuses on providing scholarships to Black college bound students.  This organization was created to support, empower and educate our leaders of tomorrow by providing financial support and a network of mentorship.

Image by Nathan Anderson


Options For All exists to create hope, inspire dreams and achieve success. The foundation serves individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities toward becoming fully participating members of their communities who can experience the pride  of personal and professional accomplishment from pursuit of their goals.

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